Ex-323 Cadets on the COVID-19 frontline

Over the past months our hospital and medical system has been under a increased workload to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak. LACW(AAFC) Courtney Gracie compares the medical response to cadets.

“I always knew that Teamwork is an important part of nursing and healthcare, but there is not time like a global pandemic to truly test a team’s ability to work under stress. Just like in the military nurses and junior doctors work together, like NCO’s, on the wards and units, assessing and implementing interventions to assist people return to health. The senior nurses and consultants are like the officers, managing and planning medical interventions and mentoring the juniors in times of stress and uncertainty. Working on one of the busiest wards in the hospital I get to assist in a lot of emergency situations.”

“Communication is always essential in these situations, and just like a SMEAC, we use a systematic process of explaining what has happened to a patient and how we are going to help them called ISBAR (Introduction, Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations). During these high-pressure times I think of skills I learnt at cadets; use a clear, firm voiced so everyone can hear you over the chaos. Stand in a prominent place, like at the head of the bed, so people know who is in charge.”

“As a first year Registered Nurse entering the world of healthcare, I have been surprised about the mix of feelings the public has to healthcare professionals. On one hand the media see’s healthcare workers as “heroes” however others think we are all infected in the virus and spreading it through the community. It is saddening to hear how nurses are being physically and verbally abused in our community. I think it is important to remember although healthcare workers may seem tough and ready to take on challenges, we experience the same anxiety everyone else does. We don’t do what we do for special treatment, we do it because we want to help people get through vulnerable stages of their lives.”

ex-CCPL Emily Bouttell a Paramedic London Ambulance Service says; “Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during these tricky times. It’s uncertain, it’s scary but everything in place is helping the community best fight the virus.”

We thank all the members of the health services working hard to reduce the impact of COVID-19. We are proud of our ex-members working the front line and hope for a an end to the pandemic.