Dining In Night 2020

In line with National Restrictions, the unit hatched a plan to finish up the year with an outdoor Dining In Night catered by the Alexiou’s and organised by A/CSGT Cameron Ackley.

A/CSGT Ackley shares his experiences from the evening: “Dining in Night 1/20 was an experience like no other. For the cadets at the Squadron, it was their first time ever having a dining in night under the stars. The planning of this dining in night had its own set of unique challenges and ideas compared to the other dining in nights I have organised.

I ensured to take my previous experiences running dining in night into account. I made sure to include ideas that had worked previously but added a new and unique twist on them. I had to thoroughly go through all our plans to ensure that we would be COVIDSafe, It was my primary objective to make the night an enjoyable experience whilst keeping the cadets and staff safe.
The planning was not all me though, I would like to give great thanks to CCPL Costa Alexiou, A/CCPL Keira Evans and LCDT Elizabeth Rimmer. Without these three cadets, Dining in Night wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable as it was. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the staff who assisted as well. It was great to see the smiles on the faces of the cadets and to know the cadets had an enjoyable experience.”

The staff and cadets thank A/CSGT Ackley for his and the Dining In Night team’s efforts. This also includes all those who volunteered Christmas decorations for the evening to give the parade ground a spruce up and setting up for the big night outside.
We were lucky to have had beautiful weather for the evening and celebrate the year that was. Though the team worked incredibly hard, the greatest reward was seeing the unit share some laughs, reminisce and throw some banter about. We adhered as closely as possible to the traditions of Dining In Nights and set a new standard for thinking outside of the box and adapting to situations dealt to us.