Ex. Powerful Owl 2021

From the 25 – 27 Mar 2021 members of 323SQN descended upon bushland surrounding RAAF Base Glenbrook for a weekend of fieldcraft and survival training. CSGT Costa Alexiou and CCPL Hadyn Mitchell organised the weekend which included:

  • Hootchie and survival shelter building.
  • Movements in the field.
  • Water procurement.
  • Camouflage and concealment.
  • 1st Aid Training.
  • Using radio telecommunication.
  • Field signals.
  • Making fires and cooking in the field.
  • An improvised field dining in night.

Where Exercise Wild Dog is usually conducted in the immediate bushland in the Lapstone Zig-Zag area, this activity expanded to as far as the Knapsack Reserve, Elizabeth Lookout and traversed the Knapsack Viaduct. The weekend was originally organised to be run with Day 2 occurring at the Glenbrook National Park, however due to severe flooding the National Park was closed.

The Field Exercise was the first of such an activity mounted by the unit. CSGT Alexiou and CCPL Mitchell worked hard on a changing schedule as terrain was and lessons were modified to give cadets best opportunity to learn new skills.

YouTube Video FEx Powerful Owl: https://youtu.be/lF3iWYaS-Kk

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