The Australian Air Force Cadets is an organisation that is focused on developing Australian youth in a military and aviation like environment. It is made up of 8 Wings (basically states) across Australia. 323 Squadron is part of 3 Wing, New South Wales. The number 323 means we are the 23rd unit in the state of NSW.

Young Australians come here between the ages of 13 – 18 (joining normally no later than your 15th birthday if you intend to enjoy the full experience) and go on to all sorts of successful careers be it Defence Force or civilian life.

Weekly Wednesday Night Parade

It is true, the AAFC is an aviation focused group but that is certainly not all we do. Cadets parade each Wednesday evening (during school terms) between the hours of 6pm and 9.30pm. They are instructed (or instruct) in a wide range of activities like drill and ceremonial, field-craft, aviation history and recognition, field survival techniques and service knowledge. There are other optional electives, such as basic vehicle maintenance through to public speaking and leadership techniques.

Extra Curricular Unit Activities

323 Squadron is also extremely proactive with weekend and extra curricular activities including 3 day bivouacs (twice a year), ceremonial functions such as Anzac day, weapon training and shooting, air experience days both powered and gliding, dining in nights and formal events. In addition to this the AAFC is proud to be affiliated with the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Community Service

Our unit also strives to give its members the opportunity to serve the community through various activities. We annually support Clean Up Australia Day, 40 Hour Famine, Legacy Week and Relay For Life.

State & National AAFC Activities 

Cadets will also have the option to apply for Wing activities not run exclusively by our unit. These can include general service training camps (basically seven days on a RAAF base to experience service life), promotional courses for people moving up the rank ladder, gliding camps, field-craft advanced training and technical trade courses.

The Cadet Career

The first 2 years of the cadet experience is learning the ropes through lessons on Wednesday nights and weekend activities. After receiving your re-classification to Leading Cadet you are given the opportunity to assist in some team management. You are then afforded the opportunity to broaden your learning through rising up the rank structure.

After receiving tuition you are trusted to teaching subjects, running teams of cadets and leading them in the field. The career you chose can lead you to running weekend activities under the supervision of staff and providing valuable feedback in the way the unit operates.

Experienced Staff & Instructors

323 Squadron is extremely lucky to have a very experienced staff and parent support group. Staff members come from a wide range of experience ranging from ex Cadets to current serving Military members through to AAFC qualified Officers and Staff who come from varying backgrounds. Each one is trained to a high standard to ensure Cadets are given the best possible development and experience.

Intakes are generally twice a year in February and August but positions are limited so don’t delay if you are interested.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss further interest in enrollment.

For a brief history of the squadron click here